Exercise 99

Asking academic questions beginning with “Where” on one’s

academic background and achievements

 學術方面問題 / 描述學歷背景及已獲成就

1. Where did you foster your interest ____ this field of study?

A. with
B. in   
C. to


2. Where did you gain a further glimpse _____ food science-related research?
A. on
B. with
C. into 

3. Where did you foster your ability ____ solve problems logically?

A.  how
B. to 
C. with

4. Where did you graduate ______ in 2001?

A. by
B.  for
C. from   

5. Where ____ you develop your analytical skills?

A. does
B. did       
C. were

6. Where _____ you gain practical laboratory experiences?

A. was
B. were
C. did    

7. Where did you acquire theoretical knowledge ____ factory automation in Taiwan?

A. for
B. of   
C. by

8.  Where did you learn _____ to conduct research independently?

A. which
B. by
C. how

9. Where did you serve ____ a teaching assistant?

A. as    
B. in
C. at


Score =

2. Further practice can be found in Unit 3 of  Writing Effective Study Plans  by Ted Knoy.