Exercise 452

Asking work-related questions beginning with “Why” on
one's extracurricular activities that are relevant to employment

有效撰寫英文職涯經歷 /

1. Why ___ you a well-rounded person?
  A. is
  B. are
  C. have
2. Why did you acquire numerous professional skills ____ participating in extracurricular activities?
  A. which
  B. during
  C. while
3. Why do you have an excellent capacity to concentrate __ what you need to accomplish your goals?
  A. for
  B. on
  C. with
4. Why are you able ___ estimate, plan and act efficiently when given the opportunity?
  A. in
  B. for
  C. to
5. Why are you able to perform a complex task ____ a minimum of staff and resources?
  A. on
  B. with
  C. as
6. Why do you believe that you ___ strong communicative skills?
  A. are
  B. has
  C. have
7. Why do individuals who collaborate with each other depend ___ communication and action?
  A. at
  B. on
  C. as
8. Why ___ your participation in numerous extracurricular activities in university benefit others?
  A. was
  B. were
  C. did
9. Why is an assertive personality important ___ estimate, plan and act efficiently?
  A. will
  B. when
  C. to
10. Why should a manager assess subordinates according __ their strengths?
  A. from
  B. to
  C. on

Score =

2. Further practice can be found in Unit 1 of  Writing Effective Employment Application Statements  by Ted Knoy.