Exercise 450

Asking work-related questions beginning with “How” on
one's extracurricular activities that are relevant to employment

有效撰寫英文職涯經歷 /

1. How were you involved __ extracurricular activities at university?
  A. as
  B. at
  C. in
2. How is SAC responsible ___ extracurricular activities at Chungtai Institute of Health Sciences and Technology?
  A. for
  B. on
  C. with
3. How did you become in charge of furnishing and operating stage lighting and acoustics ___ campus events?
  A. to
  B. in
  C. for
4. How did your position in the school's extracurricular activities offer you many opportunities to come into contact with people ____ diverse backgrounds?
  A. as
  B. from
  C. on
5. How did you learn to write proposals and use a wide array ___ skills?
  A. on
  B. for
  C. of
6. How did your work experience ____ the Society of Emergency Medicine, R.O.C. make you aware of the importance of writing skills and related administrative skills?
  A. in
  B. while
  C. where
7. How did you cooperate with the governmental sector to hold small-scale activities ____ serving as a student association leader?
  A. whom
  B. where
  C. while
8. How did your position ___ a student association leader improve your organizational skills and ability to handle crises?
  A. at
  B. as
  C. for
9. How did your position as a student association leader make you a persevering and punctual individual who can cope ___ unforeseen circumstances?
  A. towards
  B. on
  C. with
10. How ___ you learn to distribute funds, supervised and support activities, provide consultation and sponsor large-scale events?
  A. was
  B. dis
  C. were

Score =

2. Further practice can be found in Unit 1 of  Writing Effective Employment Application Statements  by Ted Knoy.