Exercise 437

Asking work-related questions beginning with “How” on
participation in a project that reflects one's interest in a profession

有效撰寫英文職涯經歷 /

1. How did participation in a collaborative project ___ an ophthalmologist at Kuo General Hospital benefit you?
  A. on
  B. while
  C. with
2. How did your research provide a valuable reference ___ administrators who are making marketing-related decisions about the medical sector?
  A. as
  B. for
  C. at
3. How did you identify patients’ particular needs ___ your project?
  A. when
  B. in
  C. while
4. How did you become aware ____ a hospital must distinguish itself from others by its marketing practices to gain a competitive edge?
  A. which
  B. for
  C. that
5. How ___ IJK Corporation played a leading role in the medical sector?
  A. have
  B. did
  C. has
6. How has IJK Corporation demonstrated ____ commitment to quality excellence?
  A. their
  B. its
  C. his/her
7. How could training at IJK Corporation provide Ellen with the latest knowledge required to build ___ her previous experiences?
  A. on
  B. in
  C. to
8. How did you develop your strong desire ___ strengthen your statistical capabilities?
  A. with
  B. for
  C. to
9. How did you become involved in a collaborative project aimed ___ analyzing medical data and storing them in a novel database for statistical software?
  A. to
  B. at
  C. in
10. How do administrators make marketing-related decisions ____ the medical sector?
  A. about
  B. where
  C. while

Score =

2. Further practice can be found in Unit 1 of  Writing Effective Employment Application Statements  by Ted Knoy.