Writing Effective Career Statements 有效撰寫英文職涯經歷

Describing extracurricular activities that are relevant to employment / 描述與求職相關的課外活動


I. Pre-Listening Exercise [Top]

Check the meanings of the following words and expressions:

  • campus mountaineering group
  • physical stamina
  • spiritual well being
  • organisms
  • natural habitats
  • collaborated with peers
  • outdoor entertainment
  • broaden one's horizons
  • unique leadership opportunities
  • physical challenges
  • mental relaxation
  • balance one's academic and extracurricular activities
  • diligently

II. Listening Exercise [Top]
1. Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play" button and then answering the following questions. Press the "Final score" button to check your quiz results.

1. How did Bruce's mountaineering activities broaden his horizons?
A. by allowing him to relax his mind
B. by allowing him to take advantage of the unique leadership opportunities provided
C. by allowing him to keep his mind clear
2. How has Bruce been able to more effectively to balance his academic and extracurricular activities?
A. by seeing various organisms in their natural habitats
B. by working more diligently
C. by both the physical challenges and mental relaxation associated with mountain climbing
3. In addition to relaxing the mind, what have Bruce's extracurricular activities enabled him to do?
A. to balance his academic and extracurricular activities
B. to prioritize physical stamina and health
C. to take advantage of the unique l leadership opportunities provided
4. How has Bruce collaborated with peers?
A. in preparing outdoor events
B. in relaxing their minds
C. in seeing various organisms in their natural habitats
5. What is Bruce able to do by keeping his mind clear?
A. undertake serious mountaineering events
B. collaborate with peers
C. work more diligently

Score =

2. Listen to the story again as you read the audiotranscript.

III. Post-Listening Exercise [Top]
1. Read the audiotranscript with a partner or change some of the information to adapt it to your situation.

2. Write a paragraph that expresses your interest in a profession. View the accompanying Power Point presentation on details of how to write this assignment.

3. Write four questions beginning with “What” to ask someone about their interest in a profession and then answer them. The question does not have to come directly come from the listening exercise.
Example: How does a natural environment benefit you?
Answer: It benefits my physical stamina and spiritual well being.
Example: How did you participate in campus extracurricular activities while in university?
Answer: I participated in a campus mountaineering group.