Writing Effective Career Statements 有效撰寫英文職涯經歷

Describing academic background and achievements / 描述學歷背景及已獲成就


I. Pre-Listening Exercise [Top]

Check the meanings of the following words and expressions:

  • traced back to
  • first exposure to
  • accumulated
  • Animal Technology Institute of Taiwan (ATIT)
  • rigorous demands
  • generating
  • publishing
  • acquired
  • fundamental and advanced research capabilities
  • multidisciplinary approach
  • grasp fully
  • encompassed
  • seemingly unrelated fields
  • absorb
  • realize fully one's career aspirations

II. Listening Exercise [Top]
1. Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play" button and then answering the following questions. Press the "Final score" button to check your quiz results.

1. How did Laura nurture her talent in biotechnology?
A. by grasping fully the latest biotechnology-related concepts
B. through a multidisciplinary approach
C. by pursuing a Master's degree in Medical Imagery at Yuanpei University of Science and Technology
2. What has Laura acquired?
A. advanced skills in conducting biotechnology-related research
B. fundamental and advanced research capabilities
C. sound theoretical knowledge management concepts
3. What did Laura accumulate while in the laboratory?
A. much bio-informatics-related knowledge
B. a multidisciplinary approach towards biotechnology
C. the ability to manage her time efficiently
4. In addition to providing Laura with an excellent environment to realize fully her career aspirations, what would working at ABC Company allow her to do?
A. to absorb tremendous amounts of information and manage her time efficiently
B. to generate experimental results and publish those findings in domestic and international journals
C. to apply theoretical knowledge management concepts taught in graduate school, in a practical work setting
5. What reflects Laura's willingness to absorb tremendous amounts of information and manage her time efficiently?
A. her work at ABC Company
B. her participation in research projects that encompassed other seemingly unrelated fields
C. her biotechnology-related research at the Animal Technology Institute of Taiwan (ATIT)

Score =

2. Listen to the story again as you read the audiotranscript.

III. Post-Listening Exercise [Top]
1. Read the audiotranscript with a partner or change some of the information to adapt it to your situation.

2. Write a paragraph that expresses your interest in a profession. View the accompanying Power Point presentation on details of how to write this assignment.

3. Write four questions beginning with “What” to ask someone about their interest in a profession and then answer them. The question does not have to come directly come from the listening exercise.
Example: What can Laura trace her interest in biotechnology back to?
Answer: her first exposure to physiology
Example: What did Laura emphasize in her research while completing a master's degree?
Answer: biotechnology