Writing Effective Career Statements 有效撰寫英文職涯經歷

Describing academic background and achievements / 描述學歷背景及已獲成就


I. Pre-Listening Exercise [Top]

Check the meanings of the following words and expressions:

  • exposed
  • high pressure and demands
  • conducting original research
  • publishing findings
  • undoubtedly
  • excel
  • fully equip
  • diverse scientific interests
  • conventional limits of a discipline
  • fully comprehend
  • apply theoretical concepts
  • a practical context
  • intensive training
  • implement
  • strong desire for acquiring knowledge
  • love of challenges
  • highly demanding

II. Listening Exercise [Top]
1. Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play" button and then answering the following questions. Press the "Final score" button to check your quiz results.

1. What allows Jerry to see beyond the conventional limits of a discipline?
A. his diverse scientific interests
B. his ability to apply theoretical concepts in a practical context and develop problem-solving skills
C. his ability to analyze problems, find solutions, and implement those solutions according to the concepts taught in class
2. What does Jerry love?
A. the high pressure and demands of conducting original research
B. his experimental and work experience in biotechnology
C. challenges
3. What did graduate school exposed Jerry to?
A. the high pressure and demands of conducting original research
B. publishing findings in international journals
C. both A and B
4. What does Jerry have a strong desire for?
A. developing problem-solving skills
B. acquiring knowledge
C. implementing solutions according to concepts taught in class
5. How does Jerry describe GHI Corporation's product development projects?
A. as highly challenging
B. as high pressured
C. as highly demanding

Score =

2. Listen to the story again as you read the audiotranscript.

III. Post-Listening Exercise [Top]
1. Read the audiotranscript with a partner or change some of the information to adapt it to your situation.

2. Write a paragraph that expresses your interest in a profession. View the accompanying Power Point presentation on details of how to write this assignment.

3. Write four questions beginning with “Why” to ask someone about their interest in a profession and then answer them. The question does not have to come directly come from the listening exercise.
Example: Why is Jerry able to excel in the biotechnology field?
Answer: the ability to conduct original research and publishing findings in international journals
Example: Why is Jerry confident in both his theoretical and practical expertise in the laboratory?
Answer: Because of his intensive training while pursuing a Master’s degree