Writing Effective Career Statements 有效撰寫英文職涯經歷

Describing the field or industry that one's profession belongs / 興趣相關產業描寫


I. Pre-Listening Exercise [Top]

Check the meanings of the following words and expressions:

  • globally leading
  • information systems
  • insufficient
  • overworking
  • strive
  • management culture
  • appropriate
  • information sector
  • further one's expertise
  • employment
  • globally renowned
  • confident in one's ability
  • contribute significantly to society

II. Listening Exercise [Top]
1. Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play" button and then answering the following questions. Press the "Final score" button to check your quiz results.

1. What has been much discussed recently?
A. methods of upgrading information systems
B. death due to overworking
C. Taiwan's unique manufacturing processes and management culture
2. What does an excellent system depends on?
A. information technology
B. the appropriate consideration of management issues
C. both A and B
3. How does Amy hope to further her expertise?
A. by pursuing a research career in Business Management
B. through employment in a globally renowned corporation
C. by contributing significantly to society
4. What is typically insufficient to help staff to complete their tasks effectively?
A. analyzed information
B. a globally leading manufacturing center
C. experienced information technology personnel with management experience
5. Who strives to work efficiently?
A. Amy
B. information technology personnel
C. individuals who grow up in such a competitive environment

Score =

2. Listen to the story again as you read the audiotranscript.

III. Post-Listening Exercise [Top]
1. Read the audiotranscript with a partner or change some of the information to adapt it to your situation.

2. Write a paragraph that expresses your interest in a profession. View the accompanying Power Point presentation on details of how to write this assignment.

3. Write four questions beginning with “Why” to ask someone about their interest in a profession and then answer them. The question does not have to come directly come from the listening exercise.
Example: Why has Taiwan become a globally leading manufacturing center, especially in computer-related products?
Answer: especially because of its computer products
Example: Why are staff often unable to complete their tasks effectively?
Answer: analyzed information is typically insufficient to help staff to complete their tasks effectively