Exercise 140

Asking work-related questions beginning with “Which” on one’s academic background and achievements

工作方面問題 /描述學歷背景及已獲成就


1. Which National Science Council-sponsored research projects ___ you participate in while pursuing a master’s degree in Food Science?

A. did
B. do
C. was

2. Which courses did you audit ____ in university?

A. in
B. while
C. during

3. Which topic did you research ____ your postdoctorate work?

A. during
B. on
C. while

4. Which challenges ____ you encounter during your graduate school research?

A. are
B.  did 
C. were

5. Which skills were you able to enhance ___ collaborating with others in a research group?

A. at
B. for
C. by

6.  Which of your personal strengths enabled you ___ get along with others in the research group?

A. by

B. to 
C. in

7.  Which qualities do you think are essential ____ a nursing professional to advance in a highly competitive environment?

A. on
B. to
C. for 

8.  Which of your achievements during university are you the most proud ____?

A. of
B. in
C. on

9.Which setbacks did you encounter ____ your research, but were able to overcome eventually?

A. while
B. during
C. on

Score =


Further practice can be found in Unit 4 of Writing Effective Employment Application Statements by Ted Knoy.