Exercise 139

Asking work-related questions beginning with “Where” on one’s academic background and achievements

工作方面問題 /描述學歷背景及已獲成就


1. Where ___ you receive a Master’s degree in Information Science?

A. were
B. do
C. did 

2. Where did you acquire specialized training ___ Radiology?

A. while
B. in 
C. during

3. Where would you prefer to work in the electronics industry _____ completion of your graduate studies?

A. following
B. while
C. as

4. Where did you first work after acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Nursing ____ Yuan Pei University of Science and Technology?

A. from
B.  on
C. towards

5. Where ____ you receive a solid academic background in Nursing?

A. was
B. did 
C. were

6.  Where would you like to pursue a master’s degree ___ the opportunity arises?

A. for
B. if 
C. in

7.  Where ___ you become certified as a radiology certification?

A. did 
B. does
C. were

8.  Where ___ you receive your nursing training?

A. are
B. were
C. did

9.Where did you become familiar ___ the latest trends in biotechnology?

A. by
B. with
C. to

Score =


Further practice can be found in Unit 4 of Writing Effective Employment Application Statements by Ted Knoy.