Exercise 132

Asking work-related questions beginning with “Which” on the field or industry that one's profession belongs

工作方面問題 /興趣相關產業描寫

1. Why do you consider ABC Corporation to ___ a logical choice for your first employment upon graduation?

A. in
B. be 
C. for

2.  Why did you take a Master’s degree ___ Electrical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University?

A. for
B. at
C. in 

3. Why did you complete a Masters degree in Social Anthropology ____ National Tsing Hua University?

A. from 
B. by
C. as

4. Why do you believe that you will be invaluable for any project team ___ which you are involved at DEF Corporation ?

A. from
B.  by
C. in 

5. Why are you interested ___ adopting different strategies and problem-solving measures?

A. in
B.  for
C.  to

6. Why do you believe that DEF Corporation offers a unique workplace environment ___ put your academic skills into practice?

A. on
B. for
C. to 

7. Why have you decided to enter the biotechnology profession ____ completing your bachelor’s degree?

A. during
B. after 
C. when

8.   Why have you chosen DEF Corporation ____ employment in the biotech industry?

A. in
B. to
C. for  

9. Why are you impressed _____ DEF Corporation’s line of products and services?

A. on
B. with 
C. for

Score =


Further practice can be found in Unit 1 of Writing Effective Employment Application Statements by Ted Knoy.