Exercise 122

Asking academic questions beginning with “What” when recommending a student for study (Part A): Introduction and qualification to make recommendation

學術方面問題 / 撰寫推薦信函 ( A部份 ) 推薦信函開始及推薦人的資格


1. What progress did the team that you participated ____ make during Professor Chang's offered course of Biotechnology?

A. from
B. in 
C. by

2. What ____ you contribute to Professor Lin's Accounting Course?

A. did
B. was
C. does

3. What insight did your team provide ____ Total Quality Management during Professor Su’s class?

A. from
B. by
C. into 

4. What role did you play in the group effort that you participated ____ during Professor Su’s class?

A. over
B. in 
C. to

5.  What points did you stress ______ orally presenting your group’s findings during Professor Su’s class?

A. for
B. while 
C. to

6.  What role ___ you play in inspiring other students to participate more actively in Professor Su’s course of Biotechnology?

A. was
B. were
C. did 

7. What work did you assign to other team members ____ the group that you participated in during Professor Su’s course?

A. in  
B. with
C. for

8. What student organizations within your department ____ you serve as an officer?

A. was
B. did 
C. were

9.   What confidence does Professor Su ____ in your ability contribute to a group effort?

A. have
B. had
C. has

Score =

2. Further practice can be found in Unit 9 of  Writing Effective Study Plans  by Ted Knoy.