Exercise 116

Asking academic questions beginning with “Which” on one’s career objectives

學術方面問題 / 概述未來工作目標


1. Which company would you like to work ____ after graduating from university?

A. as
B. by
C. for  

2. Which university do you think would prepare you the best for a career ____ Nursing?

A. in 
B. on
C. with

3. Which profession have you chosen to work ______?

A. by 
B. for  
C. in 

4. Which career direction ____ you taking?

A. are 
B. do
C. will

5. Which profession are you interested ___ joining after you complete your studies?

A. on
B. in 
C. to

6. Which university do you believe will provide you _____ valuable experiences that will benefit your career?

A. to
B. on
C. with 

7. Which university do you believe would allow you ___ acquire advanced knowledge and specialized skills?
A. to 
B. on
C. as

8.  Which university do you believe would make you better equipped ___ the workplace?

A. to
B. for 
C. on

9.   Which company would place you ___ a better position to fully realize your career goals?

A. with
B. in 
C. to

Score =

2. Further practice can be found in Unit 7 of  Writing Effective Study Plans  by Ted Knoy.