Exercise 113

Asking academic questions beginning with “What” on one’s

 career objectives 

/ 概述未來工作目標


1.What career path ____ you chosen?

A. has
B. did
C. have 


2.  What line ___ work do you plan to take after graduation?

A. on
B. of 
C. with

3. What plans do you have ___ teaching in a university after you complete your graduate studies?

A. at
B. as
C. for 

4. What skills did you focus ____ nurturing during your graduate studies?

A. by
B.  on 
C. with

5. What is the importance ___ establishing an extensive personal network in your profession?

A. as
B. within
C. of 

6. What work experience _____ you hope to acquire following graduation?

A. does
B. were
C. do

7. What do you hope to contribute____ the medical profession?

A. to 
B. from
C. for

8.  What can you offer ____ the medical technology profession?

A. on
B. by
C. to 


9. What opportunities ___ you believe are available in the nursing profession?

A. are
B. do
C. is

Score =

2. Further practice can be found in Unit 7 of  Writing Effective Study Plans  by Ted Knoy.