Exercise 101

Asking academic questions beginning with “Where” on one’s

research and professional experiences 

學術方面問題 / 介紹研究及工作經驗


1. Where were the several international conferences _____ you attended held?

A. to
B. that
C. for


2. Where did you learn _____ to publish a research paper?

A. by
B. for
C. how

3. Where ____ you audit management courses?

A. were
B. did 
C. was

4. Where ____ you enhance your research abilities?

A. do
B.  does
C. did 

5. Where did you learn ____ modern management practices are related?

A. how
B. on
C. from

6. Where did you learn how ____ conduct research?

A. by
B. through
C. to  

7. Where _____ you complete your undergraduate studies?

A. do
B. were
C. did

8.  Where did you learn ____ to write a research paper?

A. by
B. how 
C. to

9. Where did you come ___ contact with researchers in your field of study?

A. with
B. on 
C. into  


Score =

2. Further practice can be found in Unit 4 of  Writing Effective Study Plans  by Ted Knoy.